The Twin Brother in Harry Potter Film

Hello, Potterhead...

If someone said about twin brother, who will immediately come to your mind?

That's right. Fred and George Weasley. They are two of my favourites while watching Harry Potter movie. All the wits and mischief they did at school made me laugh.

I got this cool postcard from Linda. She lived in Maine, New England, USA. Thanks a lot, Linda, I'm really happy to receive your postcard.

backside of the card, edited using Canva

Happy postcrossing...


US-9376255 took aproximately 66 days to reach the destination
Sent from USA on May 16th, 2023
Received in Indonesia on July 21st, 2023


  1. Halo Mba Uniek, salam kenal ya. Aku juga suka semua film Harry Potter. Aku suka Malfoy pas masih kecil.

    1. Halo... salam kenal jugaaa... Kok kita samaan ya favoritnya. Saya juga suka sama si Draco Malfoy. Paling keren aktingnya dia hehehee... Bikin pengin jitak deh.