Postcards by accident

On Sunday morning October 19th I went to main post office in my town (we called it Kantor Pos Johar). I heard that every Sunday on the third week there will be philatelist meet up. I'm not a philatelist, indeed, but I really want to know how philatelists spend their time together ;)

In venue, I only knew Ms. Arin, the philatelic corner officer of post office. Nobody was in my list of friend there :) But I still kept calm, enjoyed the circumstance, looked at huge collection of stamps of each philatelist. How many years did they spend to collect all of those amazing stuffs?

It's really by accident when I turned my view into the other corner of the room. I saw somebody with postcards. Wohoooo... I came up to him, had a further conversation with some people around him, then end up with four free postcard for me. It's magic :D

pretty stuffs, right?

Mas Hari, a philatelist from East Java that came to my town today to attend the meet up, brought some postcards from last event of philatelic expo of his homeland. He shared those postcards to some people sat around him. Lucky me.... I was really in the right time and the right place when he pulled them out from his bag. Wohooooo.... 

The postcards are so special because issued for a special event. Please take a look at logo on their edge :

logo of East Java Province

logo of Surabaya city

I never had something like these before. Many thanks for Mas Hari for his very kind hearted. I'll keep them in my collection, Mas. Suwun suwun suwuuunn... :)

cool postcards brighten my day ;)