Surprising Cards

I was so surprised when received these beautiful cards :

Macau's Senado Square

Ruins of St. Paul's

The Bishop's Cathedral

The Bishop's Cathedral. Built in 1622 with solid brick. The main altar background is decorated with stained glass. Under the altar is where the relics of bishops and saints during 16th to 17th centuries are housed.

I got these postcards from Mba Nia Thovani, one of my 'elder sister' in college's nature lover organization called Wapeala (Mahasiswa Pencinta Alam). These cards came surprisingly since I forgot last time Mba Nia asked my address and told that she will have a vacation. Evenmore I forgot where she will go that time :)

Mba Nia, thank you so much... I pray for your health and your wealth, hope someday you can go somewhere else and always remember me when you have an intention to buy pretty postcards again ;)