Lovely Gifts from Lovely Lady

Though thousands of miles apart, I think our hearts are still together in one place. A place we could call as lovely friendship.

Yes, I usually call her Mama Bo, mom of Bo and Obi who works at UN office in NYC. She just moved there some months ago. I always miss her. Miss her cheerful voice, miss her chic clothes, and everything on her :)

I think she knew about my postcrossing thing (y) She ever gave me some beautiful cards when we met. And after her move, I already received some cards from her.

This is the latest lovely gifts from her :

special postcard of UN

Liberty.... wait for me ;)

 Also a special magnetic for me :

Thanks a lot Mama Bo.... Love you, miss you, and always pray for your best <3 <3

Warm regards for your family <3<3


  1. Whatta cool angle of your photo shot. I love it. Hm... about mama bo, I miss her too

  2. loveee it...glad to know you like them :)...huge hugs from cold, rainy NYC maaaaak...miss you all tons!

  3. Waaah keren ini postcards dari mak Indah. Aku suka sedih kalau foto mak Indah, padahal orangnya sendiri tegar.

    1. Mama Bo memang luar biasa tegar. Postcard dari Mama Bo emang keren2, Mak Lus.