City Hall of Minsk, Belarus

This is my first postcard received from official postcrossing activity. For those who doesnt' familiar with postcrossing, let me tell something about it.

Postcrossing is an activity of swapping/trading postcard. We send a postcard to other, then we will get reply from other people. If we choose to get somebody's address through official web, then we will get it randomly. We can't choose from what country we will send the postcard. 

After some time of snail mail long journey (usually it will took 3 weeks until months, depend on the distance), people who received our card will register it in the web. Then we will get reply from other people randomly from the web.

How did people register the card to web?

Every postcard sent from origin country must include certain number appeared on the web once we request an adrress. Just write it on the backside of postcard so that other people can register it easily once he/she received it. 

BY-1152784. This is number I have to register on Postcrossing official web once received. BY is country coder of Belarus.

Postcard with picture of City Hall of Minsk was sent by Ludmila from Belarus. In the backside of the card, she wrote about Belarus, a small country at the centre of Europe. 

While digging more information about this landmark, I got some related information.

Minsk City Hall is a symbol of the city government. It appeared in the city in connection with the acquisition of Magdeburg Law in Minsk including the 15 largest cities in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The first mention of a stone building of the Minsk City Hall belongs to 1583. Later it was rebuilt many times and changed its appearance. In the XIX century it was the court, the police guardhouse, archive, and City Theatre. In 1857 Hall was destroyed by order of Emperor Nicholas I.

On the reconstruction of the Minsk City Hall first began in 1980. For a long time various archaeological research were carried out, d many historical documents, graphic and pictorial images were analyzed. Approximately 15 years were needed for experts to prepare a draft restoration work. The project was very complex in execution, but all the same Town Hall was restored to its historic location. Its appearance is the same as at the beginning of the XIX century. Even the thickness of the walls, as before, is half-meter. Reconstructed and adjacent to Town Hall Square, now looks almost like it was 100 years ago. The restored Minsk city hall was inaugurated on November 4, 2004.

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photo of Minsk City Hall
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Enjoying postcrossing wasn't about how many postcards received, but the histories and the stories behind the card is so much appreciated when written in the card. 

backside of the postcard

Thanks a lot, Ludmila from Belarus. You really made my day by sending this awesome postcard. I love every part of the whole postcard : the card itself, your nice message, and beautiful stamp.


BY-1152784  took 34 days to reach the destination. 
sent from Belarus on Jan 11th, 2014
received in Indonesia on Feb 14th, 2014