Remember you by postcards

Look at above picture... looks so cute, doesn't it?

Wedang ronde is a kind of Indonesian traditional herb drink, made from a mixture of ginger, lemongrass, and other herbs. We can add peanuts, jelly, and sugar palm fruits then. The most appropriate time to drink wedang ronde is when the weather cold and rainy. 

Usually wedang ronde's ingredients don't look like what shown on above picture. Balls made from glutinous rice flour and filled with chopped peanuts will be the common thing served by wedang ronde seller. 

So, why does my wedang ronde look so cute, just shaped as colourful fish?
Long story short, I got some amazing photos from my lovely friend. I think most of Indonesian foodies and  bloggers know her. Let me show you some pictures of delicious food photograped by the expert :

I don't remember when I got closer to Deasy Maslianita, a food blogger passed away on August 25th 2016. We just communicated through facebook. She was also a member on Kumpulan Emak Blogger, just like me. I'd always been fascinated by her picture. How did she arrange all foods to be so attractive like that? Can't imagine... 

I told her that I wanted to get some of her pictures and made them as front side of postcards. She approved my request and sent some amazing photos to me. What a very nice lady, wasn't she?

And.... wait... I feel I will cry right after this... 

Deasy left all her loved ones and all those who love her so much. She passed away in the middle of her fighting against cancer.  During the illness, she was so strong, still doing so many things as usual. As a foodies who liked to make a cake and decorate it, she even planned to be a tutor on a baking workshop. But this workshop never happened, Deasy passed away just a few days before the due date :'(

Deasy.... She was not a looser for sure. She was the winner for all of her best fight against cancer. Maybe Allah loves her more than us. Let's pray for her and hope may her loved ones sincerely let her go.

So, what can we remember about Deasy?

I will always remember her by my postcards collection with her pictures on them. She was a tough fighter. Even in her illness, she still informed so many thing about her treatment. You can read all her articles here : She told many things about her cancer not because of grumbling, I think she wanted us to know how to take care of our body as well as possible.

As a people outside of the cancer survivors' life, what can we do then?

Yes, encourage them. The survivors have the right to continue to be supported by us. We can also grab many information about #breastcancerawareness and spread it to the world. Everybody must be aware of the threat of cancer and start to maintain healthiness as soon as possible.

By October 9th 2016, it was an event called Jakarta GoesPink 2016. The event was held to spread about breast cancer awareness. Lovely ladies have the rights to live healthy and happy together with their family. So everyone need to be aware about how hard breast cancer survivors' fighting. As early as possible, a woman should check her healthiness regularly. Just take a look at to know further about the campaign.

I have another lovely friend, she is a breast cancer survivor. She lives in New York city and until now she never stop her fighting against cancer. Her name is Indah Nuria. I never saw her write sad things in her social media. Honestly speaking, I know that behind her cheer up appearance, she must be very sad too. But she know that life must goes on.

My dear survivor friends, please finish the fight. All support and pray will always be in your side. We can do it together *big hug

#finishthefight #gopink #breastcancerawareness


  1. Ini kenapa aku bacanya kok mataku jafi burem berkaca-kaca kayak gini :(

  2. Mbak Uniek, begitu sedih ya mendengar Mbak Deasy telah berpulang. Walo aku tidak begitu mengenalnya, tapi karya dan semangatnha luar biasa

  3. Aku ngga kenal mba Deasy, tapi ikut sedih ketika ada survivor cancer yang begitu inspiratif dan penuh semangat dalam hidupnya, harus berakhir krn cancer. Semoga jgn ada lagiii, smoga semakin aware. Aamiin

  4. Mbak uniek jago banget bhs inggrisnya keyen.mau dong wedang rondene mb

  5. Semogamba Deasy Khusnul Khotimah yaa mba. Aamiin.
    Sedih kalau ada sodara atau teman dekat yang meninggal karena ini yaa mba..

  6. Mbak Deasy ini teman satu grup arisan linkku Mbak. Di grup dia emmang sangat powerful dan bagiku sendiri nggak kelihatan lho kalau beliau sedang sakit. Semoga Mbak Deasy bahagia di surga.

  7. mantap, jadi ingin makan neh hehe

  8. You are both inspirative, one as the source and you as the re-writer of Deasy (almarhumah) stories.
    Hope that we all can do the positive things just like both of you doing.
    Can't agree more, for always #finishthefight and try many ways for #BreastCancerAwareness
    InshaAllah, aamiin.

  9. Semoga Mba Deasy Khusnul Khotimah, I feel what u feel mba, before my mother in law having cancer stad 2 and soon having chemotherapy, my aunt having cervical cancer (kanker rahim) stad 3 padahal 2 bulan lagi akan melaksanakan ibadah haji then she pass away, tapi aku salut sama keduanya mereka berjuang melawan penyakit tersebut, apapun mereka lakukan ;( *ko jadi mewek akunya.
    Dan kita sebagai kaum wanita terus berjuang dan memberi semangat serta doa bagi para kanker survivor. #finishthefight

    1. Yups... kita kudu support perjuangan mereka ini ya mba.