Postcard from Kerala, India

This is my third card about Kerala. My first one came from direct swapping with a postcrosser in a  facebook group of postcrossing. I really remember of the picture : Backwater.

What is backwater? I'll tell you later in other post ;)

My blogger friend, Yayan, joined a travel blogger competition. As many as the vote he could get, then he will win the prize : traveling to India. Considering that Yayan also a postcrosser, I asked him to send a pretty postcard for me.

He also send this wishing letter for me. Kapan ke Kerala = When will you go to Kerala?

Pray for me, my dear friends... Hope I can be there with my family :) Thanks for the postcard, Yayan....


  1. Hi mba.. Im happy to know that postcrosser is still exist..
    Im also a postcrosser when i was in elemntary school. Hehe.. Yeah its a long long time ago.
    Can you tell me the facebook grouo about posstcrosser? I think i want to start again to postcrosser after i visit your blog.. :)
    Thank you before :)

  2. Hi DC, there are many groups in Facebook for postcrossing. Just use 'postcrossing' keyword, then you'll find them in a second ;)

  3. I have been to Kerala and I can say, that this place is definitely worth visiting. Though, many people don't want to go to India, because it is very dirty there.