Another Lovely Card from New York City

Although it's a very late posting, I think it will make me feel warm inside whenever I see this postcard in my blog : 

I received this postcard on September 2, 2014.... oh my... too late to show it to you, right? X_X

+indah nuria Savitri or I usually call her as Mama Bo sent this particular card together with special stamp. She did it everytime for me, sent a special package of postcard to me. I can't say anything more than thank you, big big hug and kiss for her, for this special gift :*

Do you think it's easy to get this lovely message on a beautiful card? Of course it's easy... Mama Bo is a generous person, a cheerful lady, no intention behind her gift. I think she only wants to make her friends happy, as happy as she always be. You can see my first post about postcards from Mama Bo here : Lovely Gifts from Lovely Lady.

And now let's check how unique the stamp is :

United Nations' mark is one of my favourite thing from Mama Bo's gift. I won't receive something like this from other people ;)  Thank God for having a special friend like her. She also enjoyed postcrossing like me, so she really knew how to please a postcrosser <3<3

I will show more postcards from this lovely lady in next post for sure....