Friday, April 1, 2016


I received this beautiful postcard with register number USA-6103. I like it so much. I bet you will also like it since it's not only beautiful, but the picture on the card has a magnificient stories.

For somebody live in USA or at least familiar with picture shown above will agree with my opinion. Monticello is a very amazing place with its special history.

The Jefferson Monticello was previously plantation home of Thomas Jefferson, the third presiden of United States. This building is located just outside Charlottesville, Virginia. The name Monticello derives from the Italian for 'little mountain'.

After several changes of ownership, in 1923 Monticello became Thomas Jefferson Foundation's property which operated it as a house museum and educational institution. It had been designated a National Historic Landmark. Even in 1987 Monticello was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you still curious with Monticello, and perhaps want to visit this beautiful house someday (me too), you can watch this short video :

What do you think? Should we go there together, my friends? ;)

Thanks a lot Demaris Swint for this lovely card. Hope you will find so many stunning cards on your mailbox :*


  1. Aku baru tahu blog dek uniek yang ini.... keren ih. Jadi berapa blog yg dikelola nih sekarang? Maaf komennya OOT hehe he

    1. Ya cuma itu2 thok kok Mba blogku hihiii... emang berapa sih mba? ;)

  2. What a beautiful poatcard. I guess you have a lot of postcard :D

    1. Already some, but I want to receive more and more ;)