Finally... I got Matt Damon

It's almost 2 years I joined official Postcrossing. Many beautiful and nice card received happily. In the Postcrossing website I wrote that I love all kind of Harry Potter and Matt Damon as Jason Bourne postcard. 

Some Harry Potter postcards were already received, along with its matching stamps for sure.  I will share the pictures in different post.

Beside joining the official web of Postcrossing, I also swap / exchange card in some groups. Many awesome cards arrived in my home, made my days brighter after exhausting hours in office. Happy happy days....

Yesterday  I received this surprising card from official swap. It came from Finland.

postcard official code : FI-2428431

Although  it's not Jason Bourne, but young Damon in this movie postcard can cheer me up. Hurrayyyy... finally Matt Damon come to me. 😍😍

I also got nice stamp along with the postcard. Thanks a lot Mrs. Pirjo... Your card really made my day . 😍