Ginger Milk Tea

What ?? Ginger milk tea? Helloooo... Is this blogpost of postcard or restaurant's recipe? ;)

It's very inspiring when I remember my last swap with Birgit Muller from Germany. If in my previous post I wrote about received cards of Black Forest from her, now I want to share how my postcard had a nice impact for the receiver.

Birgit already told me that she liked recipe postcards. But it's really surprising me when I knew that she exactly prepared something based on the recipe written on my postcard. On October 17th 2014 I sent a postcard which picture is Ginger Milk Tea.

Post box 
my postcard in Birgit's post box

Does 'tee' mean 'tea' here? ;)

 She received my postcard on November 5th. In her confirmation of receiving through my inbox, she told me about her plan to make 'teh susu jahe' or ginger milk tea based on the recipe. I myself never made this nice ginger milk tea. I'm not so in love with milk.

And what is the special effort she did to prepare this drink?

In her town - Altena - she couldn't find lemon grass. She had to go to neighboring town to get it. You are really a strong determined lady, Birgit. Even me...who have lemon grass tree at my back yard, I never think to make it by myself ;)

Birgit's preparation for Ginger Milk Tea

 And this is the final result.....tadaaaaa.....

Ginger milk tea... made in Altena... it's so fantastic

I'm glad that you like my postcard and make this nice warm drink at your side, Birgit. Hope I can send other cards with special recipes again for you. Thanks for our nice friendship through postcrossing. 😘😍


  1. something we see everyday doesn't seem special, we tend to ignore them...
    dan begitu sebaliknya :D

  2. Niat banget bule-nya...hihi
    Aku suka bikin tuh wedang susu jahe, tp gak pake serai :D
    Ntr nyobain ah. *ingetin ke pasar hari ini*

  3. You made that so lovely! Thank you very much!
    Lots of Love from Altena.

    1. Not at all, Birgit. Wait my next post about a very special package from Altena ;) :*

  4. Susu jahe, aku sering bikin lho. Jahenya sachetan, tambahin susu kental manis. Wes, dadi. :D ntar coba pake serai ah.

    1. Jahenya kurang nendang Noe klo pake yg sachetan... Klo jahe seger ga sampe serimpang aja udah pedes asyik, cukup digepuk ae koq.